WhatsApp do not show pictures in gallery - tip for Android

WhatsApp usually gives you lots of photos and videos from your friends. These images and videos are displayed in the Gallery app of your phone in the WhatsApp Images and WhatsApp Video folders. You may not want to do that and are now looking for a way to hide this folder. This is not a problem and we will explain you here how to do it exactly under Android.

In Android, there is a media scanner that scans all folders and files on your phone in real time and then lists the files found in the gallery. However, you can tell the media scanner not to display certain folders. This works by means of a so-called "nomedia" file. This must be placed in the folder of the folder to be hidden. Here's how it works:

To do this you need the following app on your Samsung Galaxy S7: ES file explorer

This file browser has integrated the function to create files, which is perfect for our project with the Nomedia file. If the ES Explorer is installed, open it on your Android smartphone. Now select the folder that you want to hide by using the Nomedia file in the gallery. These are the following two folders:

  • Internet Memory --> WhatsApp --> Media -->WhatsApp Images
  • Internet Memory --> WhatsApp --> Media --> WhatsApp Video

When you have opened the folder, tap on the three-point symbol in the upper right corner and tap on "New" and then on "File". You now create a new file, whose name you can assign now. Vote here:

  •  . nomedia

 as file names. With a tip on "ok" you have created the new file.

 Now the WhatsApp folder is hidden. Performs this procedure for the Image and Videos folder of WhatsApp. Afterwards both folders should no longer be displayed in the gallery app of your Android smartphone. You have successfully hidden the WhatsApp folders.


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