WhatsApp Group Calling - How it works

WhatsApp now also offers the ability to make group calls. This is a kind of conference where you can add several participants and then make phone calls. A useful thing that has never been possible before.

However, if you have WhatsApp version 2.18.165 or higher, you will be offered the group call in WhatsApp.

How to make such a group call in WhatsApp is explained here: Start group call in WhatsApp - Add participant

  1. Start WhatsApp
  2. Now type a participant from your contact list
  3. Press the call button (handset) at the top of the bar
  4. Now a call is made to the contact - if there is a connection, the next participant can be added
  5. Tap the icon with the small figure and the plus icon at the top right. now repeat steps 5 + 6 for each participant to be added to the group call. Please note that the more participants involved in the call, the lower the quality.

You now know how to make a group call in WhatsApp and add more participants.

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