5G How fast is the new mobile network standard?

After LTE and LTE +, network technology is now working on the new 5G standard. This is to be built up in Germany over the next few years and will provide users with super-fast Internet. But how fast is "super fast" exactly? In this article we want to answer the question which Internet speeds can be reached with 5G.

We have put together a small table for you which shows you how fast 5G is compared to the known technique. But you'd better see yourself:

Mobile Data Speed Overview - Comparison LTE and 5G

  • Transmission standard LTE 4G 5G
  • Max. Speed in Mbit/s 1000      10,000
  • Max. Speed in MB/s 125        1250

This makes the 5G standard about 100 times faster than the 4G standard. This speed increase is enormous and so you might ask yourself the question:

What can I do with 5G? Why do I need such data streams?

As an example we want to give you streaming. In the foreseeable future there will be Teczniken which will allow to stream films in 8K and in 3D. Depending on how good the virtual reality technology will be, such a transfer of data is also required here.

5G is still a dream of the future, but by 2020 it will be very real and part of everyday life.

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