Amazon Echo Show Resetting to factory defaults - Instructions

The Amazon Echo Show should be reset to factory defaults in case of connection or display problems and other serious errors.

In this way, system files are reinstalled and errors that are related to or occur with the operating system are corrected.

But first you should always restart the Amazon Echo Show if you have any problems. As a rule, this already helps to correct the error. Simply remove the cable from the socket, wait approx. 30 seconds, then reconnect the cable.

If there is no improvement, please proceed as follows to reset the Amazon Echo Show to factory settings.

Carry out factory reset - Instructions

1. Speak the voice command "Go to Settings" or wipe the display from top to bottom with your finger, then select "Settings".

2. Speak or select "Device Options

3. Speak or now select "Reset to factory settings".

This will now reset the Amazon Echo Show to factory defaults. You can then set it up again, just as you did the first time after you purchased it.

You now know how to perform a factory reset on the Amazon Echo Show.

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