Android 9.0 Pie Record a Screenshot – Instructions

If you own a smartphone with Android 9.0 Pie or have received the update on an existing device, you might also want to know how to take a screenshot in the ninth Android version.

We've introduced you to two different variants that are suitable for everyday use:

Variant 1: Key combination under Android 9.0 Pie

1. First, let your Android 9.0 Pie smartphone or tablet show you on the display what you would like to save.

2. Press and hold the following key combination for about 2 seconds:

  • Power On/ Off Button
  • Volume Quieter Button

3. After about 2 seconds the screenshot is triggered on the smartphone and then stored on the internal memory.

Option 2: Power On/ Off Menu in Android 9.0 Pie

1. Press the Power Button a little bit longer

2. A menu appears with Switch off ,Restart and Screenshot

3. Select “Screenshot” and this will take also a Screenshot in Android 9.0 Pie

Screenshots in Android 9.0 Pie of course can be edited directly. If you select "Edit", an editor with functions such as cropping, graffiti etc. opens.

Now you know how to create a screenshot in Android 9.0 Pie and how to edit, split or delete it.


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