Android Auto - Reply to Messages – How it works

You can use Android Auto to display certain apps from your smartphone on the navigation system display. This is very useful because you can for example read WhatsApp messages etc. without having to pick up your smartphone.

But how can Android Auto respond to WhatsApp messages? This is exactly what we would like to explain step by step:

Option 1: Ready-made messages

Below new WhatsApp messages, Android Auto shows you an arrow on the infotainment system that can be used to reply to this message.

You can now select the most appropriate answer from the pre-designed answers.

For example: "Call back - Sit at the wheel"

This text can be changed individually. To do this, select the icon in the upper left corner of Android Auto and open the settings.

With "Automatic answer" you can now change the text "Seats currently at the wheel individually. We don't like this option as much as the following option, which offers more room for individuality.

Option 2: Dictate WhatsApp messages

Select the microphone symbol on the screen of Android Auto or press a corresponding symbol on the steering wheel of the vehicle.

Then say: "WhatsApp message to [name of person]" + "message text"

When you stop speaking, the end of your dictation is automatically recognized by Android Auto. Before the just dictated WhatsApp message is sent, Android Auto will read the message to you again.

You can then send the WhatsApp message via Android Auto. You now have two options to use Android Auto to reply to a WhatsApp message.

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