Android White square in the status bar – Meaning

In Android there are many different symbols in the status bar. Many of them you know for sure, but for some of them the meaning of the symbol is unclear.

This might also include the following icon: A white square, which is displayed as a symbol in the Android status bar.

Meaning White square in the status bar

If you want to know what this white square means, this article will help you to find out. First of all, a white square means that the symbol of the corresponding app cannot be loaded.

So there is an error. This can be an error in the app or a missing authorization. However, if Android cannot load a symbol, a white square will appear.

To find out from which app this white square is triggered, we have summarized the procedure how you can find out: Which app is responsible for the white square symbol?

1. Drag down the status bar

2. Now press and hold the notification with the white square

3. Select "Details" or "More settings" depending on the phone model

You will now see the app that is responsible for the white square in your status bar.

You now know the meaning of the white square in the status bar of your Android smartphone.

The only remedy here is usually a newer app version, in which the developer has observed the app guidelines for icons.


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