Android "WIB init failed! Cause and solution of the error message

You may receive the following message on your Android smartphone during the boot process or the start of the operating system: WIB init failed!

WIB stands for Wireless Internet Browser. The error message is therefore related to the Internet of your smartphone.

This error message can usually be skipped and the Android system will be loaded as usual. But it appears again and again.

In this article we will explain how to avoid this error in the future and what is the reason for it.

Tip 1: Clear Internet Browser Cache and Data

Open the settings and then Apps. Search for the corresponding browser app and then delete under "Memory" Data and Cache"

Tip 2: Wipe Cache Partition

Performing a Wipe Cache Partition Very often helps to fix the error. Below we have listed instructions for various smartphones.

You can also use the search above to find the right instructions for your model. Samsung Huawei OnePlus HTC Nokia

Tip 3: Sim card responsible for error message

This error is caused by the Sim card inserted in the Android smartphone. Something on the Sim card is not working correctly anymore.

There can be many reasons for this. So to solve the problem with "WIB init failed!", you just have to request a new Sim card from your mobile operator.

This usually fixes the error and Android starts again without this error message.

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