Apple Watch 4 Checking Battery Consumption – Solved

Apple's instructions indicate that the Apple Watch has a battery life of approximately 18 hours. However, the Apple Watch is usually used more than expected, for example by using apps.

This means that you may want to know which app takes up the battery life of your Apple Watch and to what extent.

Unfortunately it is not possible to read out such exact battery consumption statistics.

But on the Apple Watch 4 there is a statistic about the battery consumption. Here we explain how you can check them.

Check the battery consumption statistics of the Apple Watch

1. Open the Apple Watch App

2. On the iPhone. Tap on "General" and then on "Use".

3. Scroll down. You will now see a value for:

  • Use standby time

This allows you to estimate at least a little how much battery your Apple Watch is using.

However, Apple will probably provide more detailed statistics in the foreseeable future regarding the battery consumption of individual apps.

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