Apple Watch Using Siri without "Hey Siri" Wake-Up Command - Tip

Usually, the Siri Digital Assistant starts with the "Hey Siri" Wake-Up Command.

This might be a bit embarrassing for one or the other in the public space and that's why we would like to explain to you here how you can use Siri on the Apple Watch without a wake-up call.

Prerequisite is the latest Apple Watch firmware and iOS version.

1. Open the settings on the Apple Watch

2. Then tap on the menu item "General"

3. Scroll down and select the entry "Siri".

4. Drag the switch next to "Raise arm to speak" to the right to activate the function on the Apple Watch.

All you have to do now is raise your arm and then speak the voice command that Siri is to execute.

The wake-up command "Hey Siri" is no longer necessary.


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