CAT S60 Where are downloads stored? Solution

Whenever you download a file, such as a photo or a PDF document from the Internet to your CAT S60 using a browser or the pre-installed e-mail program, it is saved on the internal memory.

The question that users might ask themselves is:

Where are these downloads stored on the CAT S60? As a rule, the directory path for the storage location is not displayed.

And this is exactly why we would like to explain to you where the download folder can be found.

Downloads from the Internet browser or the e-mail program are stored in the following directory on the internal memory:

1. Open a file explorer on the CAT S60

2. You can now navigate to the following subfolders of the internal memory of your CAT S60 to display the downloads which were downloaded via a browser or the e-mail program:

  • Internal Memory --> Download

In this folder you will find all downloads ever made with your CAT S60.

Tip: Display the downloads sorted by date in descending order so that the latest download is always displayed at the beginning.

You now know the directory path for downloads made via a browser or e-mail program.

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