Creating a screenshot within the BIOS – How it works

If you change options in the BIOS settings on your computer in order to adjust or optimize the system, it makes sense to create a screenshot first.

This way you always know which settings were present in the BIOS. But first you have to know how to make a screenshot in the BIOS.

We would like to describe this in more detail here:

Take a BIOS screenshot - Instructions

1. You need a USB memory stick formatted with the file system FAT32

2. Now connect the USB stick to your PC and restart the computer

3. Call up the BIOS during the boot process by pressing the corresponding button. These are often the keys:

  • Remove
  • F1
  • F2
  • F10

4. To make and take the screenshot, press the following key: F12

5. The attached USB stick will now be displayed, which you must now select as the storage location for the USB stick

6. Confirm the process with the Entre key.

The screenshot photo from the BIOS is now saved in the BMP file format on the USB stick. Now you know the procedure to make a screenshot in the BIOS of your PC´s.


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