Delete Apple Watch website data - Clean up memory

You can now use Apple Watch from watchOS 5 to display web pages on the mini-display when selecting links from messages or e-mails.

A WebKit has been integrated to make this possible. The data of the called web pages are saved in a cache on the internal memory of the clock.

Depending on how many websites you call up on the Apple Watch, this can make up a considerable proportion of the memory used on the Apple Watch over time.

For this reason, we explain here how you can delete the data from the Internet pages on the Apple Watch.

Deleting browser data on the Apple Watch - Instructions

1. Open the clock settings and tap on "General".

2. Select the entry "Website data".

3. Tap "Delete website data".

The data will now be removed from your Apple Watch and then the memory will be available for other data again.


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