Disable iPhone and iPad Automatic App Updates via Mobile Data

Automatic app updates are important because they update apps to the current version in the background. This is usually necessary to ensure the stability of the application.

However, for users who have a limited mobile data volume in their mobile phone contract, this can be annoying as a large part of the volume is used for updates. Fortunately, there is the option to download automatic app updates only via Wi-Fi. How this function is activated under iOS on the iPhone or iPad is explained here:

Switch off app updates via mobile data - Download only via W-Lan

1. Open the settings of your iPhone or iPad´s

2. Navigate to "iTunes & App Store

3. Deactivate the button at "Use mobile data".

  • Disable iPhone Mobile Data for Update

From now on, app updates will no longer be downloaded via the iPhone's mobile data network, but only when connected to a W-Lan network.

You have now successfully disabled app updates via the iPhone or iPad mobile network, so updates are now downloaded only via W-Lan.


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