Disable Samsung Galaxy S9 Camera on Lock Screen

When you retrieve the Samsung Galaxy S9 from standby, you will first see the lock screen. Here you will find the camera as an app shortcut. This allows you to open the camera directly without unlocking the device.

However, if you do not want to see the camera on the lock screen of the Samsung Galaxy S9, you can of course deactivate the app shortcut. Proceed as follows:

Disable Camera App Shortcut - Lock Screen

Samsung Galaxy S9

1. First unlock your Samsung Galaxy S9

2. Then open the App menu and then the settings

3. Touch "Device safety" on the display.

4. Select "App Shortcuts

5. Select one of the two options - the left or the right app link, depending on where the camera is stored.

6. Then tap the appropriate button to disable the camera app shortcut.

You have now successfully deactivated the camera app icon on the lock screen of the Samsung Galaxy S9.


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