Does my Android device supports Project Treble? Solved

Project Treble - What is it and does my smartphone support this new standard from Android? We want to answer this question here:

Project Treble was introduced as part of Android 8.0 Oreo and represents an important re-architecture for the operating system framework.

The goal of the Treble feature is to make firmware updates faster and easier for smartphone manufacturers to roll them out to the different devices in their portfolios.

Especially for manufacturers like Samsung, Huawei and Xiaomi this feature is important, because due to the large product portfolio many smartphones get "stuck" on old Android versions and are therefore not secure.

Now you know what Project Treble stands for. If your Android smartphone already supports Project Treble, you can find out with the following test:

Project Treble - How to find out if your smartphone is supported.

1. Download the following app from the Google Play Store

  • Treble Check

2. Start the app and you will get an info if Project Treble is supported by your Android smartphone.

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