Facebook App Disable Tones - Solved

If you have installed the Facebook app on your Android smartphone, you might be annoyed that everything is made audible by a sound.

An example:

If you click on a comment in the Facebook app, you will hear a sound.

Of course this is annoying in the long run and that's why you want to deactivate this Facebook app sound. How that works, we would like to tell you more about that here:

Turn off Facebook Sounds - Solution

Admittedly Facebook has hidden the option to disable the tones very well in the settings, but our quick guide will help you here:

1. Open the menu in the Facebook app by selecting the three lines (hamburger menu) in the upper right corner.

2. Scroll down to "Settings and Privacy" and select the entry.

3. Then tap on "Settings".

4. Tap on "Media and Contacts".

5. Here you can switch off the option "Sounds in the App".

Now you should no longer hear annoying tones and sounds within the Facebook app. You have now successfully deactivated this function within the Facebook app.


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