Garmin Vivoactive HR Weather Widget does not work

On the Garmin Vivoactive HR a weather widget is already pre-installed. You may notice that this weather widget does not work, no weather data is displayed and the message "Waiting for data" is displayed.

If this is the case with your Garmin Vivoactive HR, please proceed as follows to correct the error:

Please check the following settings first:

The Garmin Vivoactive HR is connected to the smartphone via the Garmin Connect Mobile App. Bluetooth on the smartphone is switched on.

The GPS on your smartphone is activated If these requirements fit, then you can continue as follows:

iOS Smartphone Settings

1. Open "Settings" and navigate to "Privacy".

2. Go to "Location Services".

3. In the list of apps for Location Services select "Connect" (Garmin app).

4. Select "Connect" in the list of apps for "Location Services".

5. Make sure that the option "Access to Location Services" for this app is set to "Always".

6. You must now restart your Garmin Vivoactive HR.

The weather should then be displayed again on the Garmin Vivoactive HR.

Android Smartphone Settings

Depending on the Android Smartphone the procedure is different:

1. Open the settings

2. Navigate to "Apps"

3. Search the apps for the "Garmin Connect" app and tap

4. Go on to "permissions" in the app info

5. Set the permission for location sharing to active

6. You now have to restart your Garmin Vivoactive HR

Then the weather should be displayed on the Garmin Vivoactive HR again.

We hope that our tips have helped you to get the weather widget to display weather data on the Garmin Vivoactive HR.

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