GMail Add external email address - Tip

Anyone who has become fond of the GMail app on their smartphone for synchronizing their e-mails may also want to retrieve other e-mail addresses outside the GMail address in it.

For this reason, we want to explain to you here today how to use the GMail App to access external e-mail addresses such as Freenet, GMX,, AOL, etc.

Synchronization of other mail addresses with GMail App

First open Gmail on your smartphone.

In the overview, tap the symbol with the three bars in the upper left corner or wipe your finger from the left edge of the display to the middle.

In the side menu scrolls down to the bottom and selects "Settings".

Here you can add a new e-mail account to GMail by clicking the button "Add account".

After you have typed the entry, you can choose between "Google Account" or:

GMail App - Create new email account

  • Outlook, Hotmail and Live
  • yahoo
  • GMX
  • T-Online
  • Exchange and Office 365
  • Other

Selects “Other”if you want to add an account for Freenet.

You can now set up your email address and Gmail will automatically retrieve the correct access settings.

Only your password for the e-mail account is still needed. Then tap Next and the new email account will be added within the Gmail app and can be used afterwards.

Now you know how to easily synchronize and organize another external e-mail account within the GMail App.

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