Google Pixel 3 Disable Automatic App Updates - Solution

Google Pixel 3 has pre-installed the Google Play Store, which you usually use to install your apps and applications. If the Google Play Store is active, the apps are automatically updated ex works.

Sometimes it's better to decide for yourself which apps to update and which not. For example, you can keep an older app version, which may be better than the newer one.

That's why we explain here how to disable the automatic app updates on Google Pixel 3:

Disable auto-update function on Google Pixel 3

1. Open the Google Play Store on Google Pixel 3

2. Tap on the symbol with the three lines at the top left.

3. Select "Settings" in the sidebar that is now open

4. In the section "General" select "Automatic App-Updates".

5. Select the option "Do not allow automatic app updates" in the menu.

This disables the automatic update of your apps within the Google Play Store on your Google Pixel 3.

You should no longer receive app updates automatically. But you have to update the apps manually, otherwise all apps will not be updated anymore.


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