Google Pixel 3 Easter Egg Open - Secret

On Google Pixel 3 you can call various functions within the Android system which are "secret" and hidden. Beside the developer options this is also the Easter Egg.

An Easter Egg is a small gimmick on the part of the programmers. Often the Easter Egg consists of an animation, or a small game. The Easter Egg has a long tradition in Android and is available in every version since then. The Pixel 3 mobile phones with the new Android have a "sketchpad" as Easter Egg.

Below we describe you step by step how the Easter Egg can be displayed on Google Pixel 3:

Show Easter Egg - Google Pixel 3

On Google Pixel 3, open the App menu and then the Preferences. Scroll down to "Device Information" and then touch the entry.

Alternatively, select "Software Info". Then you will see an entry with "Android Version". Tap this entry several times in quick succession until the menu disappears and a large P appears on the display instead.

In the Android P spiral animation, you can now open the Sketch Block app by tapping and pressing the P in this screen.

With the Easter Egg you can sketch like with any other sketch app.

You can use different colors, change the size of the drawing tip, and even change its orientation for larger sketches.

Unfortunately it is not possible to delete individual lines or strokes here. The cross key deletes the entire drawing.

Tip: A sketch can be saved using the Screenshot function.

You now know how to open the hidden and no longer so secret Easter Egg on a Google Pixel 3. Please keep in mind that the Easter Egg changes with every version of Android.

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