Google Pixel 3 Service menu available for sensor testing? Solved!

The hardware of Google Pixel 3 has a lot of technical features. Many sensors are integrated, which have different tasks. If you now want to test these sensors for function, you may be looking for a service menu for sensor tests.

Unfortunately, there is no such menu, as for example with Samsung smartphones, and therefore you have to resort to the following trick:

Read sensor data on Google Pixel 3

On Google Pixel 3 you need to install the following free app from the Google Play Store:

After you have installed the app on your Google Pixel 3, you can view the data that is read out by the sensors.

The following data can be checked:

  • rechargeable battery
  • GPS
  • WIFI
  • acceleration sensor
  • magnetic sensor
  • gyroscope sensor
  • proximity sensor
  • light sensor
  • acceleration sensor
  • position sensor

You now know how to read the sensor data on Google Pixel 3.

If a sensor does not record any data here, it can very well be that it has a defect.


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