Google Pixel 3 waterproof and protected against dust? Solved

If you're considering buying the new Google Pixel 3, you might also want to know if your phone is waterproof and protected against dust.

Since it is often difficult to find any information about it, we would like to inform you here whether the Google Pixel 3 has a protection certification according to IP standard.

Google Pixel 3 is waterproof and protected against dust according to IP-68 certification. This means that pixel 3 is protected against dust and permanent submersion.

So you can't do anything wrong with Google Pixel 3 and even take it into the bathtub for surfing.

However, the smartphone is not suitable for a dive or snorkeling. This is due to higher loads than were tested during IP68 certification.

You now know that the Google Pixel 3 is protected against the penetration of water and dust has no chance to get inside the case.


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