Google Pixel Compass Sensor Calibration - Instructions

The Google Pixel has various sensors integrated, including a magnetic sensor, which is used for the compass function. If you notice now that the magnetic sensor or the compass of the Google Pixel does not display the cardinal points correctly, then you should absolutely carry out a calibration.

Below we describe step by step how the compass or magnetic sensor of the Google Pixel can be calibrated. Proceed as follows:

Calibration of the Compass

Compass Calibration

1. Open the app "Maps" on the Google Pixel

2. Activate the location information so that you are displayed as a blue dot on the map yourself

3. Now tap yourself (blue dot) on the map

4. You can see "Calibrate compass" below, select the entry

5. Then you will see a pop-up window showing you the compass accuracy.

Perform Compass Calibration

6. If there is "LOW" in red, then your Google pixel will swing in front of you in the form of an eight.

7. Repeats the process until the status changes to "High

You now know how to calibrate the Google Pixel compass if it shows you the wrong direction.

The compass loses accuracy from time to time due to environmental influences, such as electric fields, magnets, etc. The compass is not as accurate as it should be.

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