Google Play Store Certification? Device not certified - Solved!

You may see that your smartphone or tablet is not certified in the Google Play Store. You're probably wondering: What's the Google Play Store certification all about?

How can I still download apps? We'd like to give you some advice on how to proceed if the certification is not available within the Google Play Store.

Google denies non-certified Android devices access to Google Play Store apps and services. For example, non-certified devices can be counterfeits or smartphones running an Android Custom ROM.

Custom Roms can be used after the smartphone has been reported to Google. If you do not agree with this, an error in the Google Play Store app can also be responsible for your smartphone not being displayed as certified.

Often the following tip helps:

1. Open the settings on your Android smartphone

2. Select Apps and Notifications (depending on the manufacturer) from

3. Open the "Google Play Store" app info

4. Select "Memory" from

5. Now tap the following buttons:

  • Delete cache
  • Delete data

Your smartphone should then be displayed as certified when you reopen the Google Play Store.

Now you know what you need to know about "Google Play Store certification? Device not certified" and what the cause is.


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