GoPro Hero 7 Black manually connect to smartphone - Solution

If you want to connect the GoPro Hero 7 Black to a smartphone or the GoPro App, this may not work automatically. For example, another W-Lan network, such as the home network, may cause problems. But no problem, because then you simply connect the GoPro Hero 7 Black manually with the smartphone.

The following short instructions will explain exactly how to proceed.

Manually establish a connection between Smartphone and GoPro Hero 7 Black

GoPro Hero 7 Black

1.Open the settings on the GoPro Hero 7 Black by dragging the status bar from top to bottom into the display.

2. Navigate further to "Device connection".

Next select "Connect devices" and then "GoPro App". As a result, the W-Lan becomes active and you can see it with your smartphone.

GoPro Hero 7 Black Connect device

3. Drag down the status bar on your Android smartphone and press and hold the W-Lan icon. You will now see all available W-Lan networks.

4. Select "Search" if the GoPro is not yet displayed. This will display all available W-Lan networks in the list.

5. Now select your "GoPro Hero 7 Black" or the W-Lan network from it

6. Tap on "Connect" (twice - the first time it often doesn't work).

You are then connected to the GoPro via W-Lan.

Open the GoPro App and you should have access to the GoPro.

You now know how to connect manually to the GoPro Hero 7 Black and how to use the Gopro App to control the camera or to transfer video and photos.

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