GoPro Hero 7 Black No connection to the GoPro App - Tip

When you put the GoPro Hero 7 Black into operation, you will certainly want to connect it to the GoPro app on your smartphone in order to transfer pictures and videos directly to the device. You can also use the GoPro App to make much more pleasant settings or use it as a live remote station.

But what can you do if you can't establish a connection between the GoPro Hero 7 Black and the smartphone?

Our step-by-step instructions here are intended to help you establish a stable connection between GoPro Hero 7 Black and the Smartpone.

GoPro Hero 7 Black Connect to the App

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Has it ever been possible to establish a connection?

If you have to answer this question with "No", we recommend that you perform the initial setup again. Here are a few points to keep in mind, especially if you own a Huawei smartphone.

  • Initial setup GoPro Hero 7 Black - Connection to GoPro App

If you have already established a connection, you should now proceed as follows to establish a connection:

Manually connect to Wi-Fi of GoPro Hero 7 Black

Step 1: On the GoPro Hero 7 Black, open the settings by dragging the menu bar from top to bottom into the screen.

Step 2. Go on to "Device connection".

Step 3: Then select "Connect devices" and then "GoPro App".

As a result, the W-Lan becomes active and you can see it with your smartphone.

Step 4: Drag down the status bar on your Android smartphone and press and hold the W-Lan icon. You will now see all available W-Lan networks.

Step 5: Select "Search" if the GoPro is not yet displayed in the list. This will display all available W-Lan networks in the list.

Step 6: Now select your "GoPro Hero 7 Black" or the Wi-Fi network from this list.

Step 7 Tap on "Connect" (twice - the first time it often doesn't work). You are then connected to the GoPro Hero 7 Black via W-Lan.

Step 8: Now open the GoPro App and you should have access to the GoPro

If this doesn't work, you have to reset all connections on your GoPro again. To do this, please proceed as follows:

Then start working through this page again from top to bottom.

We hope this will help you connect your GoPro Hero 7 to the GoPro app on your smartphone.

If your GoPro Hero 7 Black cannot connect to the GoPro App on your smartphone, please proceed as follows:               GoPro Hero 7 Black, No connection, GoPro App

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