GoPro Hero 7 Reset to factory settings

If you are using the new GoPro Hero 7, there may be circumstances that require the action camera to be reset to factory settings.

This is the case, for example, if the camera is malfunctioning due to the software. But also when selling the GoPro Hero 7 it is advisable to reset it to factory settings.

This method distinguishes between two different types:

Reset GoPro Hero 7 to "Camera Defaults"

This method resets all settings except date, time, camera name and password, language and video format. It is therefore a somewhat weaker version of the movement reset.

This is done as follows:

1. Wipe down the main screen of GoPro Hero 7.

2. Select now "Preferences" and then "Reset" from

3. Go on to "Reset Defaults"

4. Confirm the procedure with "Confirm Reset" The stronger variant, with which all data are really reset is the following:

GoPro Hero 7 Reset to factory settings

With this variant, the date and time are reset in addition to the data deleted under "Camera Defaults".

In addition, your connections are deleted and the camera is removed from your GoPro Hero 7 Plus account.

Proceed as follows for this method:

1. Wipe down the GoPro Hero 7 start screen.

2. Tap on "Preferences" and then "Reset".

3. Then navigate to "Factory Reset".

4. Confirm the procedure with "Confirm Reset".

You now know how to reset the GoPro Hero 7 to factory settings or how to perform a factory reset.


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