How to create Slow Motion videos with the iPhone Xs? Solved!

The iPhone Xs has powerful hardware, so you can get great features like Super Slow Motion. Motion sequences are slowed down, which is possible by recording a lot of pictures per second.

Find out how to record Super Slow Motion videos with iPhone Xs here:

Setting up slow motion resolution

The first step is to determine the frame rate or resolution at which the slow motion video will be recorded. Go to:

  • Settings --> Camera --> Record Slo-Mo

Specify the setting that most appeals to you. The higher the FPS the better the slow motion effect.

Record Slow Motion Video

1. Open the camera app on your iPhone Xs

2. Wipe with your finger to the right until "SLO-MO" appears at the bottom of the display

3. Touch the red button to start the slow motion recording, it will be finished by touching the following button again video shows you how this can look like:

You now know how to record a slow motion video on iPhone Xs.


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