Huawei Enable Call Waiting - Resolved

The Call Waiting function tells the user during a call whether another call is being received. A short tone sequence is played on a Huawei smartphone.

This will alert you that a new call is coming in.

You can then decide whether you want to hold the current call, end it or accept or reject the new call. However, call waiting is often not active and therefore we would like to explain how to activate this function on a Huawei smartphone:

Activating call waiting with the Huawei smartphone

From the Home screen, tap the phone icon. Scroll down or up until you see the menu box at the bottom of the screen.

Select "Settings" in this window. In the next submenu, tap on "Additional settings".

Press the "Call waiting" knob to switch the function on or off. You now know how to activate or deactivate call waiting on the Huawei smartphone.

From now on you will be notified about new incoming calls while you are on a phone call.


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