Huawei Nomedia File - Meaning of that special file type

If you use the File Explorer on your Huawei to browse the internal memory, you may notice a file called .nomedia. Since you cannot open this file, you will now ask the question:

What is a Nomedia file and which function is behind it?

Meaning of the Nomedia file in Android

  • Nomedia file Huawei

If such a file is integrated in a folder, the Android media scanner is automatically excluded. The media scanner is responsible for displaying photos and videos within the gallery app.

So you can use Nomedia files on a Huawei smartphone to control whether the media it contains, such as photos, videos, audio files, etc., are displayed within apps.

It is a very practical solution to quickly hide entire media folders.

If you want to know how to create a Nomedia file, please read the following article:

  • Huawei How do I create a Nomedia file? Instructions!

You now know the meaning of a Nomedia file on a Huawei smartphone with Android operating system.


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