Huawei Smartphone - Meaning of the moon symbol in the status bar

If you have a smartphone from Huawei with Android system, then mnan will see symbols and icons in the status bar, also called notification bar, that you may not have seen before. These icons represent a notification or an activated function.

If you now discover a moon icon in the status bar of your Huawei smartphone, you might ask yourself the following question:

What does the moon symbol on my Huawei smartphone actually mean?

First of all we show you a picture showing the moon symbol in the status bar.

This symbol stands for "Do not disturb mode". If this is active, no incoming calls, no messages such as SMS or WhatsApp or other notifications are allowed through or muted. You can, however, configure the mode so that certain contacts can still reach you, so that you can hear a sound from them.

The purpose of this non-interference mode is to prevent you from being unnecessarily disturbed by your smartphone at times when you don't need it. The mode is perfect, for example, to activate it at night while sleeping (also works automatically).

So you can not be disturbed by unnecessary calls or messages, unless they come from your "favorites", i.e. family, friends, children etc..

So to deactivate the moon icon from the status bar, you simply have to deactivate the do not disturb mode on your Huawei smartphone in the Android settings. Drag the status bar with two fingers from the top to the center of the screen. Then deactivates the toggle "Do not disturb mode". Ready!

You now know the meaning and function of the non-interference mode on your Huawei smartphone.

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