Huawei Y5 & Y6 Reset to factory settings - Guide

If you want to sell the Huawei Y5 & Y6 or fix serious problems with the Android operating system, you need to perform a factory reset.

All data is deleted and the smartphone is reset to factory settings. For this reason, you should make a backup of your data in advance, otherwise it will be irretrievably lost.

Below we show you how you can perform a factory reset on the Huawei Y5 & Y6 via the Android operating system. Please proceed as follows:

Carry out factory reset on the Huawei Y5 & Y6

1. Please start from the start screen and navigate to "Settings".

2. From there it continues to rise:

3. Navigate now to "System" and then to "Reset".

4. Tap on "Reset to factory settings".

Select "Reset" again as confirmation and all data will be deleted and the smartphone will be reset to factory settings.

The Huawei Y5 & Y6 will be restarted automatically and the Android setup wizard will be displayed.


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