Instagram App Closes Immediately Again - Solved

The App Instagram is installed on many smartphone users to follow other people like friends, acquaintances, known personalities, etc.. Usually you check several times a day whether new photos, videos or stories have been posted. However, this can lead to an error, which is expressed as follows within the Instagram App.

When you tap the Instagram App icon, the app opens for one milisecond and closes immediately. This is of course annoying and so we would like to show you a quick workaround today that fixes the problem with an instagram that closes immediately.

Instagram Closes Immediately - How to Fix the Error

The cause is usually a faulty app installation or update. Therefore, to fix this bug in Instagram, you just need to uninstall the app and then reinstall it. Here's how it works:

1. Open the Google Play Store on your Android smartphone or iTunes on your iPhone

2. Search for the "Instagram App" in the list of installed apps

3. Tap on the entry and you will see the following buttons:

  • Opening
  • Uninstall

4. Select "Uninstall" here, Instagram will now be uninstalled on the smartphone.

5. Then select "Install". Instagram will now be freshly installed on your Android smartphone.

You can then open Instagram again on your Android or iPhone without the app closing right after opening.

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