iPhone iOS Update cannot be installed - Tips

iOS brings many great features to the iPhone or iPad and therefore many users want to install this firmware update as soon as possible.

Once you have downloaded the update and want to start the installation process, the following error may appear on the display:

"The update cannot be installed - an error occurred while installing iOS"

This is of course very unpleasant and therefore we want to show you a few tips to help you solve the problem.

Tip 1: Restart your iPhone

This is often the easiest way to fix an error. Therefore, restart your iPhone once and try to install iOS afterwards.

Tip 2: Delete the update and download it again.

To do this, please open the settings of your iPhone and then "General". Continue to "Memory". You will now find an entry with "iOS Software Update".  Select the entry and confirm with "Delete update" Download the iOS update to your iPhone again.

Tip 3: Reset the iPhone to factory settings

If this does not help, the iPhone should be reset to factory settings. Please remember to backup your data first!

We hope that one of these tips will update your iPhone to the new iOS.


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