iPhone screen time evaluation from iOS 12 - Solved

From the new iOS 12 version, it is possible to evaluate the screen time on the iPhone, or how one has used the smartphone.

For example, you can see which app was used for how long or how often you picked up your iPhone.

We would now like to explain briefly to you how you can display and evaluate the screen time on the iPhone from iOS 12.

1. Open the iPhone settings

2. Navigate to "Screen time"

You will now see various diagrams with information on how you have used your iPhone in the last 7 days.

The evaluation of the screen time should help you to monitor your smartphone usage better and maybe even to limit it.

For example, you can set time limits for the use of certain apps, which is useful if you want to restrict games for children on the iPhone.

It is also possible to set a timeout. For example at night. This ensures that children do not surf or play on their smartphone at night.

The screen time is a nice feature in any case. You now know how to evaluate the screen time on the iPhone and iPad from iOS 12 and how to set limits for children, for example.

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