iPhone Xs Max How to create Screenshot - Instructions

The Screenshot function is one of the most important functions for many users. No wonder, because the screenshot is usually used several times a month to capture content on the screen.

Be it information, error messages or games high scores.

The screenshot is the means of choice. But how can you create such a screenshot on the iPhone Xs Max?

This is what we would like to show you here:

Screenshot key combination iPhone Xs Max

1. Display on your iPhone Xs Max what you want to save later in a screenshot

2. To trigger the screenshot, please press the following keys simultaneously for at least two seconds:

  • On / Off Button
  • Volume louder button

3. The screenshot is saved and briefly displayed.

Here you can now edit, share or save the screenshot for a short time.

Now you know how to create a screenshot with iPhone Xs Max by pressing a key combination.


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