iPhone Xs SAR Value - How High Is It? Solved!

The iPhone Xs belongs to the new Apple iPhone generation and is therefore of interest to many users.

If a decisive purchase criterion is the SAR value, then you are sure to ask the following question:

How high is the SAR value of the iPhone Xs?

We want to answer this question here: The following values were measured by the American authority FCC and given as an average SAR value.

  • SAR value on head: 1,193 W/kg
  • SAR value on body: 1,182 W/kg

This means that the iPhone Xs is below the limit value of 2W/kg, above which a harmful effect on the body is assumed.

You now know the SAR value of the iPhone Xs.

If you are also interested in the SAR value of the iPhone Xs Max, please continue reading here. SAR value of the iPhone Xs Max.

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