iPhone Xs Screenshot Methods Explained - Tip

The ability to take screenshots is probably one of the most important features of the iOS operating system.

The iPhone Xs offers you the possibility to take screenshots. A screenshot saves the display content of your iPhone Xs in a JPEG image file.

This allows you to quickly save information displayed on the iPhone Xs display and recall it later. The screenshot is known under the names screenshot, hardcopy, screen print, screen printing. The screenshot is mostly used for:

  • Problems and their description
  • Saving of address data
  • Phone numbers
  • Information etc. on websites
  • Documenting of high scores in games
  • And much more

On the iPhone Xs a screenshot can be taken as follows:

Screenshot Key combination iPhone Xs

1. On your iPhone Xs, display what is to be saved in a screenshot later

2. To trigger the screenshot, press the following keys simultaneously for at least two seconds: Power On/ Off button Volume Loud button

3. The screenshot is saved and briefly displayed. Here you can edit, share or save the screenshot for a short time.

Now you know the necessary steps to create a screenshot on iPhone Xs.


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