Is the DJI Spark waterproof - Can I fly in the rain?

The DJI Spark is a small all-round talent and so compact that it can be taken almost anywhere. So you might ask yourself if the DJI Spark is waterproof and can survive a crash in water.

Or whether the drone will survive a flight undamaged in the rain.

We would like to give you the answer here.

The DJI Spark is not waterproof!

Falls in water usually lead to a total loss, because the electronics of the drone gets an electrical defect.

The same applies to flights in the rain. The integrated fan sucks rain or very humid air (spray) into the drone and leads to a technical defect of the motherboard. This is not recommended under any circumstances!

Briefly summarized:

It is not recommended to fly the DJI Spark in rain, fog, snow or damp weather. The Spark should also not be launched from puddles or very wet ground.

 We recommend the following protective case for the DJI Spark. You can also start from this case without any problems.

You now know that the DJI Spark is not waterproof and should therefore only be flown in dry air.

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