Nokia 7.1 Deactivate Mailbox via GSM Code - Tutorial

For example, Nokia 7.1 can be purchased from Vodafone, O2 or T-Mobile via a mobile phone contract. So it may now be that you decide to buy this smartphone in combination with such a contract.

Usually, when you receive Nokia 7.1, the mailbox is activated via the Sim card. The answering machine answers your calls if you cannot answer them.

Often users of a Nokia 7.1 do not want to use a mailbox on their smartphone. That's why we've written a step-by-step guide here to help you turn off your Nokia 7.1 mailbox:

GSM code to disable mailbox on Nokia 7.1

To do this, first open the phone app on Nokia 7.1.

Now switch to the keypad and enter the following GSM network code using the numeric keypad:

  • ##002#

Afterwards, you only have to tap the call button (green handset) once to send the code. This will send the GSM network code.

This will now disable all call forwarding on Nokia 7.1, including to mailbox.

Now you know a quick procedure to switch off the mailbox on Nokia 7.1.


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