Nokia 7.1 Recovery Menu Boot - How to use

Using the Recovery menu on Nokia 7.1, you can make various settings, such as a Wipe Cache partition or reset the device to factory settings.

However, the Recovery menu cannot be opened from the Android interface. This is only possible during the boot process of Android.

The following instructions will show you step by step how to proceed:

Boot procedure - Recovery menu

1. Turn the Nokia smartphone off completely once by pressing and holding the power button

2. Press and hold the following buttons for 30 seconds to turn the phone back on:

  • Power On/ Off Button
  • Volume Loud Button

The Recovery menu will now appear, where you can navigate as follows:

Use the Volume button to navigate up and down:

  • Volume down button --> scroll down
  • Volume loud button --> scroll up

3. Use the Power key to select items within the Recovery menu.

You now know how to open and navigate the Recovery on Nokia 7.1.


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