Nokia 7.1 Which Sim card do I need? Solved

The Nokia 7.1 from HMD was recently introduced and you might be interested in the smartphone with the 5.8 inch display, the 12 & 5 megapixel dual camera and the 32 GB internal memory. The Nokia 7.1 is a successful combination in terms of price/performance ratio.

However, when switching from an older smartphone to the new Nokia 7.1 you should always think about the Sim card.

Which Sim card does Nokia 7.1 use?

Not every Sim card is compatible with Nokia 7.1. Older formats like the Standard or Micro Sim card can not be used in Nokia 7.1. Because the smartphone uses the following Sim card format:

  • Nano Sim Card

So you can only use the Nokia 7.1 with a Nano Sim card. If you have not yet used this Sim card format, then please use one of the following ways to get such a Nano Sim card:

How do I get a Nano Sim card?

Use perforation

You have a sim card with nano-perforation. This is the lightest variant. Simply push the Nano Sim card out of the existing Sim card along the perforation.

Sim cards punching machine

You don't have a SIM card with nano-perforation. There are so called "Sim card punchers" for this. A Sim card punch, similar to a hole punch, cuts out the correct format from your Sim card when it is larger.

Such Sim card punchers are already available for little money on Amazon

Request from mobile phone provider

If the effort is too big for you, you can simply order a new Nano Sim card for Nokia 7.1 from your mobile phone operator. However, keep in mind that this may entail costs under certain circumstances.

You now know the sim card type your Nokia 7.1 needs and how to get such a sim card if you still use an older format, such as a standard or micro sim card.

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