Nokia How to Show Secret Test Menu - Service

Many Nokia smartphones that run the Android system have a special test menu in which the hardware can be put through its paces.

So you can test for example the camera, the screen, the speakers and other hardware.

However, this menu cannot be called directly from the Android interface. This means that you must open the test menu using a special method described below.

Note that not all Nokia smartphones have such a test menu, or it has been disabled by your company's manufacturer or system administrator.

Open Service Menu on a Nokia Smartphone

1. To do this, start from the start screen and then navigate to the telephone app.

2. Change here to the number field where you can enter telephone numbers

3. Enter the following code using the numeric keypad:

  • *#*#372733#*#*

4. Once you have entered the code, the service menu will automatically appear on the display.

5. Using Hardware Tests within the Service Menu on Nokia

6. You can then find and use the following tests in the Test menu on your Nokia smartphone:

  • HW Version
  • Test Main Camera
  • Front Camera
  • Flash Light Test
  • Brightness Test
  • Pixel Color Test
  • Vibrator Test
  • Receiver Test Speaker L
  • Test Speaker R
  • Test Analog Headset Loopback
  • Test Mid Analog Headset
  • Further test possibilities

Now you know the secret service menu on your Nokia smartphone, in which various functional tests can be carried out to check the integrated hardware.

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