P-ATA Port in Computer - Meaning? Solved

If you find a PATA port, also called P ATA or P-ATA, in your computer, you might ask yourself what this port is needed for or whether it is still up to date.

PATA stands for "Parallel Advanced Technology Attachment" and refers to an interface on the computer via which a hard disk can be connected.

This interface or connection is integrated directly on the computer's motherboard, but can also be retrofitted with a PCI plug-in card.

This interface offers a software protocol for data transfer between hard disks, CD and DVD drives and the PC. The PATA interface is now hardly considered by the manufacturers.

For this reason one can acquire also only small hard disk sizes up to approx. 2 TB for this connection.

You now know what PATA stands for and what background this connection to your PC has.