Perform Xiaomi Redmi Wipe Cache Partition - Solution

If you have a Xiaomi Redmi and you experience problems or errors with the software or the Android system, the following action often helps: A Wipe Cache Partition.

Old system files that are in the cache of the smartphone are deleted. This often causes problems and leads, for example, to performance losses, a hotting of the battery or CPU or error messages.

The Wipe Cache Partite does not delete the complete memory, so it can be done easily. (Photos, pictures and other personal data such as settings etc. are retained)

The Wipe Cache partition can be performed as follows on a Xiaomi Redmi:

Instructions for the Wipe Cache Partition on the Xiaomi Redmi

1. Turn off your Xiaomi Redmi completely.

2. Turn your smartphone back on, while holding down the volume key louder and the power key.

3. A menu appears on the screen. Select the Mi Recovery option.

4. Choose your language

  • Navigation via the volume +/- buttons
  • Selecting with the Power button

5. Now select the Wipe and Reset option.

6. Select the option "Clear Wipe cache data". The Wipe Cache partition will now be performed!

7. Restart your phone afterwards.

Your Xiaomi Redmi should now run much faster, with less battery consumption and noticeably smoother than before. You now know how to perform a Wipe Cache partition on the Xiaomi Redmi.

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