Samsung Galaxy A8 Add Widget to home screen

Widgets allow you to customize the start screen of your Samsung Galaxy A8 to display important information from applications such as the weather app directly.

To do this, you must first add such a widget to the Samsung Galaxy A8's home screen. We have listed step by step below how this works under Android:

Samsung Galaxy A8 Add a new widget to the start screen

1. Press with your finger on a homescreen page on a free space (no app and no widget may occupy the space)

2. The start screen now shrinks and a small menu appears at the bottom of the screen

3. You must then tap on the "Widget" button.

A list with several widgets will be opened in which you can now search alphabetically for the appropriate widget.

4. When you have the widget you want, tap and hold the widget. The widget can now be placed.

5. Now drag it across the display to the area where you want to place it.

Finally, release your finger from the display to fix the widget on the Home screen. You have now successfully added a widget.

How to remove this widget is explained in the next section.

To delete a widget from the Samsung Galaxy A8, go to the corresponding page of the widget you want to delete. Now tap and hold the widget.

A small window will appear on the screen. Now select "Remove from Start Screen" - Done!

You now know how to add or delete a widget to the Home screen on the Samsung Galaxy A8.


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