Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Activate or deactivate automatic cloud backup

If you own a Samsung smartphone like the Samsung Galaxy Note 9, you will automatically receive a free cloud memory with 15 GB volume.

If you want to create a backup of your Samsung Galaxy Note 9 with data like pictures, messages, settings etc., you have to activate the Automatic Cloud Backup.

How this works is described step by step in this tutorial:

1. Open the Android settings on the Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

2. Go to "Cloud and accounts".

3. Navigate to "Samsung Cloud" and you will see an option with "Security settings".

4. Here you can enable or disable the automatic backup via the Samsung Cloud The automatic synchronization of your Samsung Galaxy Note 9 data with the Samsung Cloud is now active.

If you want to back up your data immediately, you can do this as follows: Tap on the symbol with the three dots in the upper right corner of the same menu and select "Synchronize now" from the pop-up menu.

Your data will then be saved.


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