Samsung Galaxy Note 9 App Icons Very Large - Reduce

If you are using Samsung Galaxy Note 9 for the first time, you may notice that the app icons on the Home screen are very large and the design is generally very reduced.

The reason for this is often that "Simple Mode" was activated at the beginning of the setup process.

So in order to reduce the app icons and get a design you're used to from Samsung smartphones, you have to turn this simple mode off again:

1. Scroll to the page with the icon "Settings" on the start screen and tap it.

2. Scroll down to "Display" in the settings menu and select the entry. Search here for "Simple Mode".

3. You can now switch from "Simple Mode" to the "Standard Mode" of Samsung Experience on your Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

4. After you have set the marker, tap "Ok" - The new layout setting will be adopted.

You will now see the default layout and should be able to use the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 as you are used to from other Android smartphones.

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