Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Delivery Report for SMS - Activate

If you want to send SMS messages with your Samsung Galaxy Note 9, you probably want to know if your message was received on your smartphone.

For this there is the so-called delivery report. This is sent to you by the network operator when the SMS returns the status "Successfully transmitted".

Note: A delivery report is not equivalent to a read confirmation!

Below we will show you how to activate the delivery report on the Samsung Galaxy Note 9. To do this, please proceed as follows in the settings:

1. From the start screen, open the "Messages" app via which SMS messages can be sent.

2. In the overview, please select the three-point symbol at the top right and then the entry "Settings".

3. Then navigate further on: Further settings --> SMS.

4. Activate the option "Delivery reports"

From now on, delivery reports are requested from the mobile phone provider for each message sent.

This does not cause any additional costs.

Important note: No delivery report can be requested for an SMS message that has already been sent.

This setting only applies to SMS messages sent from this point on.

You now know how to activate delivery reports for SMS messages on the Samsung Galaxy Note 9.


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